Service Agreement


Application Center:

This refers to, the organization named Mark Sigorta Aracılık Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi, which is based on Turkey and operates the website and processes the insurance applications made through this website.

Company’s Tax Office: Esenyurt

Company’s Tax Number: 6121516020

Company’s Address: Üçevler Mahallesi 955. Sokak No: 1 D: 38 P.K: 34513 Esenyurt / İSTANBUL


This refers to, the person who has applied for an insurance on behalf of himself or someone else on the website.


Gulf Sigorta A.Ş. will provide the insurance described in this policy, that is only valid at home in domestic policies; to the Insured(s) named in the Application in return for the premium and compliance with all applicable with general and special terms of this policy.


Emergency Evacuation: means medical evacuation of the patient to the nearest hospital as urgent medical and surgical care are required due to an illness or bodily injury which is firstly diagnosed and has become symptomatic during the term of policy and occurred at once, or transportation of the patient to another place excluding Democratic Republic of Congo, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, or the Crimea region after treatment at the nearest local hospital.
Inception Date: Policy coverage items shall become effective as of inception date set forth in the policy subject to the premium or its first installment being collected. In cases where the policy is modified by subsequent amendments, the inception date pertaining to such modifications shall be the effective date of such amendments.
Bodily Injury: means bodily harm, Sickness or Disease, including required care, loss of services and death that results.
Immediate Family Member: means, official spouse, full mother, father, brother, sister and children of the insured.
Severe Injury or illness: means bodily harm, Sickness or Disease, including required care, loss of services and death that results.
Permanent Residence/Home: The city where insured is permanently residing at the date of issue of the policy, or where insured are temporarily residing for a period of more than three months and to where insured will be evacuated if medically necessary.
Doctor/Doctor of Medicine: Refers to any person who is lawfully authorized to offer medical and surgical services in his/her geographical area of employment. The term doctor also refers to the licensed doctor of medicine, who works in the scope of his/her license and is a holder of a medical degree given by a recognized institution and who is registered to Turkish Doctors’ Union. The term doctor includes the terms specialist and the term surgeon as well. Doctor cannot be relative of the insured or policyholder as spouse, children (incl. adopted and stepchildren), siblings, siblings-in-law, parents, parents-in
-law, grandparents, grandchildren, step-parents, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.
Spouse: means the insured’s legal wife or husband.
Hospital: Refers to a medical institution which is recognized by medical legislation, and which:
(a) Has a valid license for medical services (if it is necessary as per applicable legislation),
(b) Has the primary function of treating and curing injured or diseased people,

(c) has a staff consisting of one or multiple doctors who is/are permanently and physically available in its facilities,
(d) provides 24 hours nursing services and has at least one certified-qualified nurse who is permanently available in its facilities,
(e) has organized diagnosis and surgical intervention possibilities either within its own facilities or in any other facility contracted with the hospital on the basis of previously-executed agreements,
(f) does not act as a clinic, nursing or rehabilitation center for old persons, old-age home, convalescent center or any other similar organization, which fall outside the scope of its primary function.

Sickness: means an illness or disease which first manifests itself and is contracted while this policy is in effect requiring treatment by a doctor.
Land / Sea Arrangements: means pre-paid travel arrangements for a scheduled tour, trip or cruise included within the description of covered trips and arranged by a tour operator, travel agent, cruise line or other organization.
Accident: is any external, shocking, apparently observable, sudden, unforeseen, uncontrolled and unexpected physical event incurred by the insured during the period of insurance.
Reasonable and Customary Expenses: means the following expenses: Costs of treatment, drugs and services required for insured’s treatment. Those costs shall not exceed similar normal fees and costs of treatment, drugs and services in the place the costs are incurred.
Deductible: means the amount of expenses or the number of days to be paid or supported by the insured person before the policy benefits become payable.
Pre-existing Condition: means a condition for which medical care, treatment, or advice was recommended by or received from a doctor preceding the effective date of coverage, or all condition for which hospitalization or all surgery was required preceding the effective date of coverage.
Travel/ Trip: means Land/Sea arrangements which include any flight connections joining or departing the Land/Sea Arrangements. A trip does not include the period of time between connected flights and land/sea programs.
Occurrence means an Accident, including continuous or repeated exposure to substantially the same general harmful conditions, which results, under the circumstances described in a Hazard situation during the course of an Insured Journey, in Bodily Injury or Property Damage.
Insurer: Refers to Gulf Sigorta A.Ş., a recognized Insurance Company who has already registered and obtained a valid operating license in the country where this insurance policy has been issued.
Insured: Refers to the person(s), aged minimum 6 months and maximum 80 years, who has applied for insurance policy, and as a result, in favor of whom, the insurance policy has been issued and whose name(s) appear on this insurance policy.
Policyholder: Refers to the person who has applied for this insurance policy, whose application has been accepted by the insurer, who has the duty of paying premium, and who acts in favor of the insured within the compass of the coverage under this insurance policy.
Insurance Policy: Refers to the document which has been issued as per relevant provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code in accordance with the insurer’s insurance contract.
Medical Treatment Expenses: means the expenses of following necessary services and drugs up to the limits specified in the policy and pursuant to general and special terms of the insurance policy in case of an accidental injury or Sickness of the insured which is firstly diagnosed and has become symptomatic during travel; They include:

a. the services of a doctor;
b. hospital confinement and use of operating room;
c. anesthetics (including administration), x-ray examinations or treatments, and laboratory tests;
d. ambulance service; and
e. drugs, medicines, and therapeutic services and supplies.
f. emergency dental treatment resulting from injuries sustained to sound natural teeth subject to a maximum 100 USD expense per tooth and limited to the maximum shown in the schedule of benefits.

Coverage Limit: Refers to the upper limit corresponding to relevant coverage, as indicated in the general and special conditions of this insurance policy.
Medical Requirement: means, in our opinion the doctor’s recommendation is:
a. consistent with the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of insured’s condition;
b. appropriate with regard to standards of good medical practice; and
c. not primarily for the convenience of the insured.

Medical Transportation: means any land, water or air conveyance required to transport insured during an Emergency Evacuation. Transportation includes, but is not limited to, air ambulances, land ambulances and private motor vehicles.
Total Limit: Our maximum liability relating to claims within the scope of policy coverage, should not exceed the total limit stated in the policy. If total claim indemnity which was paid at any time and/or not paid exceeds the total limit, fringe benefits attributed to unpaid claims shall be deducted as necessary required for the prevention of the total limit excess.
Injury: Refers to the bodily injury that occurs within the insurance period caused directly and solely by acts of violence, accidents, external factors and other visible incidents.

Age: means the official age, as calculated on the basis of such date of birth as indicated in the official documents such as identification card, passport, etc. regardless of the date of birth provided on the application form or claim form.

Home: shall be defined to mean the geographical zone included within the borders of the Republic of Turkey and its customs stations.


Policy coverages are valid during the insured’s single trip which is within the period of insurance as long as no single trip lasts longer than maximum insured duration per any one trip.
Unless otherwise specified, the insurance coverage shall be valid;
a) In respect of single trip policies from the time insured commence the trip or at 00:00 a.m. local time in Turkey on the inception date of the policy whichever is later, until the time insured complete the trip or at 00:00 a.m. local time in Turkey on the ending date of the policy whichever is earlier.
In respect of single trip policies maximum insured duration per any one trip is same as policy period.
b) In respect of annual multi-trip policies from the time insured commence the trip after 00:00 a.m. local time in Turkey on the inception date of the policy, until the time insured complete the trip; or at the expiry of the maximum insured duration per trip defined COVERAGE PERIOD SECTION C of this policy; or at 00:00 a.m. local time in Turkey on the ending date of the policy whichever is earlier.
In respect of annual multi-trip policies maximum insured duration per any one trip is limited with 90 days.


Anyone who is ranging in age from 6 moths(included) to 80 (included), who does not have any condition that may prohibit his/her from taking out this policy, as indicated in the declaration presented while making policy application eligible to apply for taking out this policy.


This policy has been arranged within the General Terms and Conditions of Travel Health Insurance.
The total coverage limit stated on the policy schedule is the total amount for Medical Accident & Sickness Expenses,Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of Remains indemnities stated on the policy schedule.

Any medical expense indemnity payments for the insureds with nationalities subject to the International Trade Controls and Economic Sanctions will be payable only within Republic of Turkey. Death repatriation and medical evacuation benefits will be provided within the International Trade Controls and Economic Sanctions limitations.

Medical Accident & Sickness Expenses
Insured’s medical treatment expenses that insured make for treatment of a serious injury or sudden illness occurred during insured’s travel shall be paid up to maximum amounts stated in coverage limits in direction of deductibles stated for each event unless it does not arise from a pre-existing situation. Medical expenses shall be paid for necessary medical treatment or surgical intervention and services including hospital, treatment and ambulance service within limits stated in coverage limits.

1. Services, medicines, treatment or hospital cares that are not approved to be necessary medically or not advised by a doctor
2. Routine physical examinations or similar examinations and laboratory diagnosis or x-ray examinations,
3. Cosmetic or plastic surgery interventions provided that they are not as result of an accident,
4. Diagnosis and treatment of acne,
5. Surgery interventions necessary for wry noses and healing it,
6. Organ transplants that competent medical professionals consider experimental,
7. Well child care including exams and immunizations,
8. Expenses which are not exclusively medical in nature,
9. Eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, and examination for the prescription or fitting thereof, unless Injury or Sickness has caused impairment of vision or hearing
10. Treatment provided in a government hospital or services for which no charge is normally made,
11. Mental, nervous, or emotional disorders or rest cures
12. Pregnancy and all related conditions, including services and supplies related to the diagnosis or treatment of infertility or other problems related to inability to conceive a child; birth control, including surgical procedures and devices.

The epidemic diseases exemption specified in Article 9-m of the General Terms and Conditions of Travel Health Insurance has been extended to cover the disorders related to COVID-19 Infection; in case inpatient / outpatient hospitalization of the insured at a compatible hospital with the epidemic hospitals criteria of the local authorities, upon the insured’s diagnosis with COVID-19 epidemic infection according to the molecular biological test result for SARS-CoV-2 (PCR) and doctor report during the international travel journey within the insurance coverage, medical treatment expenses shall be covered up to 2.500 USD within Medical Accident & Sickness Expenses benefit.

Emergency Medical Evacuation
If injury by accident / illness that is not pre-existing and which is acute require insured’s transportation from the place where insured stay, reasonable and customary expenses up to maximum limits shown in coverage limits shall be paid by us. Direction should be given by a doctor or hospital approving that injury or illness require urgent medical transportation for Medical Transportation in case of Emergency State/Discharge.

For patient transportation benefit to be used in case of Emergency State/Discharge of an insured person at Home, it is obligatory that transportation of the insured to his/her permanent residence be mandatory medically, Gulf Sigorta A.Ş. Claims Department should be notified and arrangements to come under cognizance of Gulf Sigorta A.Ş.. In case transportation is made without notifying Gulf Sigorta A.Ş. Claims Department, transportation fees shall not be paid by the insurer.

Repatriation of Remains
In case the insured dies, reasonable and customary expenses up to the Repatriation of Remains and Burial expenses coverage limit relating to return of the corpse to the country or city of deceased’s residence and deceased’s burial shall be paid by Insurer. The following expenses are included:
a) The cost of a coffin
b) Transportation expenses to the country or city of deceased’s residence
c) Burial expenses
Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services will provide the following Services as described below.

Medical Assistance: As soon as Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services is notified of a medical emergency resulting from insured’s accident or sickness, Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services will contact the medical facility or location where insured are located and confer with the doctor at that location to determine the best course of action to be taken. If possible and if appropriate, insured’s family doctor will be contacted to help arrive at a decision as to the best course of action to be taken. Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services will then organize a response to the medical emergency, doing whatever is appropriate, including, but not limited to, recommending or securing the availability of services of a local doctor and arranging hospital confinement of insured where, in its discretion, Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services deems such confinement appropriate.
Medical Evacuation: When, in the opinion of Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services’s medical panel, it is judged medically appropriate to move insured to another location for treatment or return insured to insured’s residence or country of citizenship, Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services will arrange the medical evacuation, utilizing the means best suited to do so, based on the medical evaluation of the seriousness of insured’s condition, and these means may include air ambulance, surface ambulance, regular airplane, railroad or other appropriate means. All decisions as to the means of transportation and final destination will be made by Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services.
Death Repatriation: Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services agrees to make the necessary arrangements for the return of insured’s remains to insured’s country of citizenship in the event insured dies while this service agreement is in effect as to insured.
Legal Assistance: If insured are arrested or are in danger of being arrested as the result of any non-criminal action resulting from responsibilities attributed to insured, Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services will, if required, provide insured with the name of an attorney who can represent insured in any necessary legal matters.
Lost Luggage or Lost Passport: If insured, outside insured’s country of citizenship, notify Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services that insured’s luggage or passport has been lost, Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services will endeavor to assist insured by contacting the appropriate authorities involved and providing direction for replacement.
General Assistance: Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services will serve as a central point for translation and communication for insured during emergencies. Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services agrees to provide to insured advice on contacting and using services available from consulates, government agencies, translators and other service providers that can help with travel problems. In addition, Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services will provide insurance coordination, verifying coverage of insured, guaranteeing payment to the medical provider, based on confirmation of benefits, a charge to credit card(s) and coordinating the payments, documentation and translation to ease claim filing when insured return to insured’s permanent place of residence.
Pre-Departure Services: Prior to insured’s departure, Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services will provide hazard information about foreign locations, information about immunization requirements and passport or visa requirements, general information about weather and State Department and private service warnings about travel to certain locations. Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services will also arrange for special medical care en-route (i.e. dialysis, wheelchairs, etc.).
Emergency Travel Agency: Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services agrees to provide insured with 24 hour travel agency service for airline and hotel reservations. Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services will also arrange payment for insured’s airline tickets and other travel services, using insured’s credit cards. Prepaid ticket pickup at airline counters or ticket delivery by mail or courier will also be arranged by Gulf Sigorta Assistance Services for the insured.


Coverage is provided within the scope of Travel Health Insurance General Conditions, and no waiting period is applicable to this policy.


This policy is issued in accordance of the exclusions stated in Article 4,5,6 of Personal Accident Insurance General Conditions and Article 9 of Travel Health Insurance General Conditions.
International Trade Controls and Economic Sanctions: No (re)insurer shall be deemed to provide cover and no (re)insurer shall be liable to pay any claim or any benefit hereunder to the extent that the provision of such cover, payment of such claim or provision of such benefit would expose that (re)insurer to any sanction, prohibition or restriction under United Nations resolutions or the trade or economic sanctions, laws or regulations of the European Union, United Kingdom or the United States of America.
In case of violation of this article, the insurer is not responsible for providing benefits and the policy will be deemed void from the inception.
Postponement of Effective Date : No insurance provided by this policy is effective if insured or insured’s dependent(s) is (are) hospital confined or disabled, meaning unable to perform the usual and customary duties of a person of like age and sex.
The coverage will take effect seven (7) days after such hospital confinement or disability terminates subject to the pre-existing condition.


This insurance coverage shall be applicable only in Turkey.


Contract: This contract has been issued on the basis of the insured’s declaration and imposes the obligation to provide true declaration upon the policyholder. Setting out the rights and liabilities of both parties; i.e., the insurer and the policyholder, this contract consists of the policy and amendments thereto. All types of losses and damages that might be caused by the insured’s / policyholder’s failure to make true declaration either during execution of this contract or during the life of the policy or after occurrence of any loss may be reflected to the insured / the policyholder in accordance with the relevant provisions of General Conditions.

Validity of the Contract: This insurance policy shall be valid as the origin of the travel is out of the borders of the Republic of Turkey.

Effective Date: This is the date stated in the application as the inception date.

Declaration: In this policy, which has been issued on the basis of the insured’s declaration, the insured is obliged to answer all the questions correctly, and to declare all the matters that may affect the assessment of the risks constituting the subject matter of the insurance to the best of his/her knowledge. If the insured has made false or incomplete declaration; insurer may terminate the policy. Insurer gets the right of premium for the covered period.

If false or incomplete declaration by the insured or the policyholder is known after occurrence of the loss and if the loss has a risk relation with incomplete declaration, then no indemnity payment shall be made. If the loss has no risk relation with the false or incomplete declaration, then the indemnity shall be paid after deducting the difference between the premium that has become due and the premium that was paid.

Concealment or Fraud: The entire policy will be void if, whether before or after a loss, insured have, related to this insurance, If insured behave as follows with respect to the insurance, this insurance policy shall fall void before or after occurrence of loss.

a. intentionally concealed or misrepresented any material fact or circumstance;
b. engaged in fraudulent conduct; or made false statements.

In unintentional cases, if insured misrepresent, then the insurer shall be entitled to choose to keep insurance policy effective by collecting premium difference of the risk in proportion to its weight, or to terminate the policy. If the insurer prefers to terminate, it shall notify the insured within one month about the grounds of termination. The insurance shall draw to close after 15 days at 12:00 a.m. following the posting of termination notice and the amount of premium relating to non-operating insurance period shall be reimbursed. The right of termination which is not used in due time shall be forfeited. If misrepresentation and defective statement is learned after the occurrence of loss, events caused by intentional action of the policy holder shall not be covered; in unintentional cases, a deduction shall be made from the coverage in proportion of effectuated premium to the premium to be effectuated.

Pecuniary Indemnity / Claims: insured’s written request for pecuniary indemnity shall be submitted to our party within 5 days after the occurrence of loss. If insured’s goods covered by this insurance policy incur damages or losses, then insured have to do the following:

a. To claim to the insurer within the shortest possible time,
b. To take immediate measures so as to preserve, safeguard and/or regain the goods covered by insurance policy,
c. Immediately to give notice to the carrier of luggage office which is or may be responsible for the said loss or damage,
d. In case of burglary or robbery, to give information to the police office or other relevant authorities within 24 hours and to prepare necessary documents.

After any bodily injury covered by the insurance policy has occurred, indemnity claim should be submitted to the insurer in a reasonable manner and within the shortest possible time which should be less than 20(twenty) days.

Misstatement of Age: In case of false declaration of insured’s age, the following principles shall apply:
In case of a claim if the actual age of insured is higher than declared, then the indemnity shall be reduced in the ratio of the paid premium to the premium that should have been paid.

– any surplus premium that has been paid due to incorrect declaration of age shall be returned to the insured without any interest.
– In cases where the insurer determines that the insured’s actual age is higher than the maximum age covered under the policy then the policy will be cancelled and the insurer will notify the insured in writing of the cancellation and refund any premium collected, and any claim that has become present therewith shall not be satisfied by the insurer.

Reasonable Care and Assistance: The insured is obliged to take all reasonable precautions to abstain from any loss or damage or decrease it as much as possible and try to recover the loss. In addition, insured have to assist the insurer for a reasonable request regarding the entry into force or protection of the subrogation rights that we may be authorized, or execution or examination of a request.

Loss Occurrence:
a) Please receive the list of necessary information and documentation for claiming an indemnity under this policy from your insurer after issuance of the policy or at the time of loss following relevant notice.
b) Upon happening of the loss, please apply to the insurer through address and telephone details indicated on the front page together with necessary information and documentation as soon as possible.
c) Please act in line with the instructions given by the insurer in the course of claim process.

Competent Court: If the lawsuit is filed on the behalf or opposition of the insured or the policyholder competent court shall be the Turkish Republic courts.

Medical Examination: During the period of claim handling and at reasonable intervals, the insurer shall be entitled to demand additional evidence at the insurer’s cost, to request the insured to undergo medical examination (examinations), and to have autopsy performed in case of death unless such autopsy is forbidden by laws.

Premium being due and payable: If any claim made under this policy is payable, the amount of premium past due and within the grace period on this policy shall become due and payable and it shall be deducted from the amount of indemnity to be paid.

Amendments: Any matter set out in this policy can be changed or amended only by those who hold the authority to sign for and on behalf of the insurer.

This policy, together with any amendment and the documents enclosed herewith, constitutes the entire insurance contract. Any amendment to this policy shall not become valid and effective unless the same is approved by the insurer and such approval is supplemented to the policy.
Fraudulent and/or Falsified and/or Misleading Claims: If the claim is fraudulent, falsified or misleading in nature or if the claim is made by the insured, policyholder or any other person acting for or on their behalf or with the authorization of the insured or policyholder by way of fraudulent, falsified or misleading means or instrument(s), then the insurer shall not be liable to make any payment under this policy in connection with such claim.

Claim rights: According with the article 1420 of the Turkish Commercial Code, all types of claims arising out of this insurance contract shall be forfeited within two years by claim’s due date and insurer’s rights under the article 1482 of the Turkish Commercial Code remaining reserved, all claims related with the insurance indemnity and benefit shall be forfeited within 6 (six) years by the risk occurrence.

Arbitration: Insured is a member to arbitration system as per insurance legislation; detailed information is available on

Data Disclosure: Insurer transfers and receives necessary personal information belonging to its policyholders with several governmental and professional organizations and authorities, notably with Insurance Information and Supervision Center, as per applicable legislation. You can access other personal data sharing matters from the attached Disclosure Letter or the Processing And Protection of Personal Data Disclosure policy available at

In case the insurer asks for information or action from the insured, insured’s representative or beneficiary as per Article 1412 of the Turkish Commercial Code no 6102, any misleading or incorrect information to be provided by these persons shall be deemed as a violence of the insured’s duty to give information, which is regulated by laws, and in such case, the insurer’s rights under Article 1435 and the subsequent articles of the Turkish Commercial Code no 6102 shall remain reserved.

The documents which indicate scope of all coverage items, general conditions, special conditions, clauses, exceptions, and the things to do in case of a loss, and which are inseparable part of this document have been received by the proposer / insured / policyholder as attached to this form.

All reasonable costs and expenses to be incurred by the policyholder / insurer / beneficiary in good faith in order to determine the scope of risk, indemnity and the duty to pay shall be notified to the insurer in advance and the documents evidencing such costs and expenses shall be communicated to the insurer so that such costs and expenses are predictable by the insurer.

The insurer reserves its right to ask for further information from the insured in addition to the declarations made in the proposal from until execution of the insurance contract. If the policyholder fails to inform the insurer about any change that has occurred from the date of proposal until its approval by the insurer and that may potentially affect the insurer’s decision to enter into insurance contract or the terms and conditions thereto, the policyholder shall be deemed to have violated its duty to give information, and the insurer’s rights that are exercisable against the policyholder under applicable laws shall remain reserved.

In cases where the loss has occurred or is to likely occur, the policyholder/insured shall inform beforehand the insurer about reasonable costs and expenses that he/she has made in order to prevent, mitigate or hinder the enlargement of loss or to protect the insurer’s rights to recourse to third parties so that such costs and expenses are predictable by the insurer and the insurer can provide the policyholder/insured with necessary instructions aimed at preventing/mitigating potential losses where necessary. The policyholder/insured is obliged to follow aforesaid instructions as long as they are practicable and/or performance of such instructions do not aggravate his/her conditions and/or such instructions do not violate the duty of the policyholder/insured to prevent/mitigate potential losses and/or such instructions are efficacious in nature.


Documents that may be asked for by the insurer: Within the scope of the claim file created for a loss covered by this policy, the insurer, whenever it deems necessary, may ask for all types of medical/financial information and documentation pertaining to the insured from competent authorities on behalf of the insured; in this respect, prior consent of the insured is deemed to be automatically obtained by this policy.

Notice of Claim: Within 15 (fifteen) days from the occurrence of a loss, a written notice of claim must be made to the insurer. With respect to any late notice of claim due to force majeure events, the insurer shall be entitled to reduce the indemnity in line with the increase of loss caused by late notice.

Time of Indemnity Payment: All indemnities and benefits payable hereunder shall be paid 4 business days after all necessary evidences of loss have been submitted and accepted by the insurer.

Indemnity Claim Forms and Allowed Time for Submission of Evidence: The policyholder has to provide all necessary and satisfactory documentary evidence of the loss which would be expected from the policyholder and it must be submitted to the insurer within reasonable time. The policyholder/insureds have to provide their consents to relevant authorities / medical institutions to release relevant to claim information to the insurer and they are responsible to take any required actions in order to enable the insurer to receive this information. In case of violation of this responsibility, the insurer shall be entitled to reduce the indemnity in line with the expected reduction of insurer’s liability should the required information have been received. All insurer’s rights in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code of Conduct are reserved.




Expiry of the Insurance Policy: Insurance policy coverage shall expire, upon exiting by custom stations of the Republic of Turkey and/or on the date of contracted return date specified in the policies.

However in the event of the expiry of insurance policy coverage as mentioned above and/or it shall expire upon the earliest of the following:
– If the insured does not pay the premium stated on the policy fully, insurance coverage and liability of the insurer shall not start,
– Upon cancellation request of the insured,
– Upon the end of the insured’s trip,
– Upon death of such insured or policyholder,
– On the expiry date of insurance period as stated on the policy,
– Upon the fulfillment of total insured travel duration by the insured with the number of days spent within the borders of Republic of Turkey.

1- f the first installment or total of the premium is not paid at the due date, the insurer may terminate the contract within three months, unless payment is made. If the following premiums are not paid at the due date, the insurer expects to fulfill the debt by providing ten days period to the policyholder, otherwise, insurer notice that the policy will be deemed terminated at the end of the period. If the debt is not paid at the end of this period, the insurance contract will be terminated. If the policyholder is notified twice within the policy period, the insurer may terminate the policy to effect a provision at the end of the insurance period. The insurer’s other rights under the Turkish Code of Obligations shall remain reserved for the default of the policyholder.
2- In case of failure or violation of disclosure by the policyholder, insurer may terminate the contract within 15 days from the date of awareness of the breach of this duty or may request an additional premium.
3- As insurer become aware of an aggravation of the current conditions or risk occurrence within the policy term or existence of events that can be considered as a risk aggravation for the policy, insurer may terminate the contract within a month by this date or may request an additional premium.
4- 5- In case of any request for termination of the policy in accordance with the policy provisions by the policyholder, or termination of the policy by the insurer, the amount of premium that the insurer has become entitled to collect for the period that has passed beginning from the policy inception date shall be calculated on a daily basis; and if the amount of premium paid by the policyholder is greater than the amount entitled by the insurer, the difference shall be refunded to the policyholder.

Disclosure Letter On Processing And Protection Of Personal Data

This disclosure letter has been prepared for the purpose of informing the customers and fulfilling the disclosure obligation of GULF SİGORTA A.Ş. (`Our Company` or `Gulf Sigorta`) acting as the data controller within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 (`KVKK`) The personal data and health data as a special category of personal data which are given by our Customers who have made contact through Head Office, Regional Offices, Branch, insurance intermediaries, businesses that provide goods and services, call, center, assistance service providers or who transacts on electronic environment, are processed and being saved safely in physical or electronic environment within the appropriate time in accordance to the processing purpose and being processed within the scope of the Turkish Commercial Code, Insurance Law and other relevant legislation, complying with the fundamental principles stated in KVKK, for the purposes of providing our Company`s operational activities, business relations, using in insurance services and using for policy issuance, renewal, risk and proposal works, calculation of statictics and possibilities, management of collection processes, payment of premium, commission and service fees, development works, carrying out the processes of fronting, reinsurance and coinsurance, recording incoming calls, using the records to increase the service quality, fulfilling the obligations arising from the legislation and legal notifications, conducting the legal follow-up processes, following the identity, address and necessary information to determine the information of the person who made the transaction being able to provide products and services to you in the most appropriate way, ensuring the continuity of marketing and technical processes, carrying out our work to ensure the commercial security of our Company, organizing all records and documents that will be the basis for the transaction in paper form or electronic environment (internet / mobile and similar) complying with the information storage, reporting and information obligations stipulated by the legislation, the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, MASAK (Financial Crimes Investigation Board) and other relevant authorities, offering the products/services requested from our Company; informing our customers about the services offered to our customers by our business partners, advertising and promoting insurance products, carrying out financial and accounting transactions, providing services arising from the performance of the insurance contract, fulfilling the requirements of the contract you have concluded or has been conducted on your benefit and providing the consistency of the information of our Customers. Our company acts in accordance with the obligations stipulated in all relevant legislation, especially in the KVKK.
In the meantime, your personal data may be shared with the Gulf Sigorta Regional Ofices, domestic reinsurance companies and in line with this purposes to the brokers, contracted institutions and actuaries, support service providers, Human Resources and/or relevant unit of the insured in case of the request about the employee of the policy holder which is a corporate, real persons and legal entities with whom there is proxy relationship to provide resolution of legal disputes, persons and organizations that have permission, right and authority to request and process personal data as permitted by all national/international legislation and/or within the scope of such legislation or contracts of which it is a party, especially to the extent in question; T.C. (Republic of Turkey) Insurance and Private Pension Regulation and Supervision Agency (SEDDK), Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), Insurance Information and Surveillance Center (SBM), Central Registry Agency (MKK), Assurance Account, judicial and administrative authorities, institutions authorized to audit or supervise, financial institutions, contracted banks, professional organizations, business partners and from time to time other third parties and financial organizations listed in Article 31/A of the Insurance Law in order to carry out insurance activities and provide technical and organizational services supporting the insurance policy
Moreover, the personal data made public by you as you participated in contests and social media, is processed in the scope of KVKK.
Your personal data, besides the above mentioned ones, may be processed in order to offer all kinds of products and services special for you related to the products and services you purchased and communicate with you and to be used for promotions, offering product/services, marketing and campaign and developing convenient products for you, working on customer satisfaction, working on existing or new product, marketing survey, and determining target customer.
You can submit your requests within the scope of Article 11 of the KVKK titled `Rights of the Data Subject` within the framework of the principles specified in the `Gulf Sigorta Anonim Şirketi Personal Data Owner Application Form` in the `Legal Practices` section of
Your Personal Data will be processed in any case as long as the above legitimate purposes are not eliminated, taking into account the mandatory terms and sectoral practices.
In accordance with Article 4 of the KVKK, Gulf Sigorta has an obligation to keep your personal data accurate and up-to-date. In this context,in order to fulfill our obligations arising from the current legislation, our customers are required to share their accurate and up-to-date data with our Company. If your data is changed in any way, we ask you to update your data by contacting us through the communication channels listed below.
Commercial Name: Gulf Sigorta A.Ş.
Head Office Address: Saray Mah. Dr.Adnan Büyükdeniz Cad.Akkom Ofis Park Cessas Plaza No:4 Kat 4-5 Ümraniye / İSTANBUL Trade Registry Number: İstanbul, 857584
Central Registration System Number: 0871052362300018 Phone: +90 0216 400 2 400
Web Site:
As stated in the `Personal Data Protection and Processing Policy` on our company`s website, in accordance with Article 12 of the KVKK, our Company takes all necessary technical and administrative measures to ensure the security level, to prevent the illegal processing of personal data, illegal access to personal data, and to provide the protection of personal data.


  • 1) Since the insurance services started with the completion of the payment process by the applicant; the application fee paid by the applicant is not refundable in any way.
  • 2) The insurance application fee paid by the applicant with credit card, debit card or prepaid card cannot be collected by the card bank through the chargeback procedure. The payment process cannot be reversed. The applicant can never request any refund for about the application fee paid for the insurance application under any circumstances.
  • 3) The applicant acknowledges that the virtual payment systems used by the application center in order to collect online card payments are used only as intermediaries to charge the application fee about the insurance application of the applicant. The organization providing the insurance application services to the applicant is only the application center.
  • 4) In case any chargeback request has been initiated by the applicant; details of all the services provided by the application center, approved insurance, service invoice, the applicant’s credentials, IP address, location information and other miscellaneous information will be used by the application center in order to made a criminal complaint to the competent authorities.

This agreement consists articles and has been read and accepted by the parties.

Acceptance is means that the checkbox named “I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions” is confirmed on the payment page on the website which is belongs to the application center when during the insurance application.

Unless this checkbox is checked, the applicant cannot apply for an insurance through the website If an insurance application has been filed, this means that the checkbox has been approved by the applicant.

In anytime the application center may add the new articles, headings, sub-headings to this agreement or can rearrange the existing ones.

The application center has the right to make changes in the existing contract as it wishes.

The applicant undertakes that the above conditions have been fully read and approved by the applicant and that the applicant has already accepted any possible changes in the future to this agreement.

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